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SAdvisory, administrative and accounting services
 Express Consulting
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The primary task of EXPRESS CONSULTING is to provide our clients with professional and high-quality accounting services, as well as quality tax and business consulting.
The company's business is based on the knowledge, development and continuous improvement of our experts - the main driver of society and social development as a whole.
Our services are professional and efficient and focused on long-term business cooperation and reciprocal promotion. Our relationship with our clients is based primarily on human and moral principles, on trust and mutual respect.
We tailor our services to large, small and medium-sized companies. Depending on the size of the business, the number of employees of that type of activity, in cooperation with and talking to you, we create an offer for accounting and bookkeeping services.
Our accounting and bookkeeping services are primarily related to financial and treasury operations and preparation of accounting documents.
With up-to-date data processing and timely provision of information, we make the right financial and business decisions. We assist in the planning, preparation, execution and supervision of the business.
We will provide you with regular information legal changes, support and advice to help run and grow your business.
We offer tax, legal, business and financial advice in one place
Accounting is easier for craftsmen and our offer in this regard depends on the type of craftsmanship and the volume of business.
· Registration of crafts (submission of documents to the competent municipal service)
· Registration with the tax administration (ID number and activity code)
· Registration of employment
· Initial fiscalisation (filling in forms)
· KPR (Income and Expense Book)
· List of fixed assets
· Records of receivables and payables
· Fixed asset records
Main activity of Express Consulting d.o.o. are combined office, administrative and service activities. Our company, by improving the knowledge, skills and expertise of its expert team, is always ready to provide clients with the opportunity to solve various business problem situations.

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