Administrative services

· Registration of companies
· Registration of business units
· Submission of request for notification of classification of a legal entity (Bureau of Statistics)
· Applying for a Tax Registration Certificate (ID number)
· Application for entry into the Unified Register of Indirect Taxpayers (VAT Number)
· Services in the field of labor relations, drafting and consulting on employment contract, The contract of deed
· Drafting of founding acts, founding agreements, statutes, rules of procedure and other acts
· Drafting of all types of contracts
· Design of stamp based on power of attorney
· Submitting requests and documentation for sending and verifying invitation letters
· Perform legal and administrative actions to address the status of foreigners
· Applying for:
a) obtaining A, C, and D visas
b) obtaining a work permit
c) regulation of temporary residence
d) regulation of permanent residence
e) family reunification
f) applying for BiH citizenship
g) applying for asylum in BiH

· State translation of all documents from Russian, English, Arabic, Chinese, Turkish into one of the official languages in use in BiH, such as:
a) Birth certificate
b) Extract from the register of marriages

c) Death Certificate
d) A conviction of impunity
e) Decision on citizenship printout
f) Free Marriage Certificate
g) Parental consent for children traveling abroad
h) Translation of business and legal documents
i) Translation of medical records
j) Translation of other documents

· Financial business
· Keeping books of KUF and KIF
· List and calculation of depreciation of fixed assets
· Keeping the General Ledger
· Commodity bookkeeping
· Value added tax calculation and VAT forms
· Cashier's business
· Posting and retail control
· Preparation and submission of annual reports
· Preparation of documentation to banks, leasing companies for loan application
· Other bookkeeping services as agreed
· Advice on all tax transactions
· Communication with tax authorities
· Calculation and payment of taxes (income tax, income tax, double taxation)
· Value added tax consulting


We offer you a comprehensive company registration process (all legal forms:  LLC - limited liability company, o.d. (craft activity) - crafts, catering shop, etc.) in a very simple, efficient and fast way, since the establishment of companies is on the priority list, both in our company and in the competent institutions, which completely makes the procedure fast and efficient.

In case you have not yet found the address where your future company will be registered, we offer you to join the global business trend and the so-called a virtual address where you can register your business and continue to use it on a long-term basis to optimize your costs, given how high these costs can be for start-ups.

In our package of services related to the registration of companies, you will not only receive a Court order on company registration, which usually starts and ends the process of incorporation. In addition to the main court decision on your behalf, we also create your company stamp, ID number in the competent tax administration, statistical number, non-resident identification number, opening your company's main bank account and opening a private account, if you wish.

In addition to the services of establishing / registering companies, we also successfully cooperate with the Employment Service of the Canton of Sarajevo for regulating work permits for foreigners / non-residents.

Immediately upon completion of the registration of the company, we, for your needs, carry out the next step related to obtaining a work permit. It is necessary for the work of foreigners / non-residents in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is one of the exclusive legal bases for resolving temporary residence status and other status issues for foreign nationals who are founding companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Depending on the citizenship of the foreigner / non-resident, we are also working on the preparation of the necessary documentation for verifying the invitation letters for short-term visa "C" and long-term visa "D" and apply for your temporary and permanent residence permit in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In a wide range of our services for you, we perform the services of drafting statutes, rules of procedure, rules on pricing, and drafting and obtaining all other permits, acts and regulations for the purpose of your successful business.

We are very happy to set aside time for start-ups in starting their own businesses, providing guidance and concrete solutions that lead to a successful start-up.

A professional approach to administrative issues, quality and timely running of business will guarantee our existence and our operations.

Our company, by improving the knowledge, skills and expertise of its expert team, is always ready to provide clients with the opportunity to solve various business problem situations.

Kemal Muratović
General director

Ekaterina Muratović
Graduate Psychologist
Head of Human Resources Department

Ariana Mujezin
BSc in Economics
Head of Marketing

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Main activity of Express Consulting d.o.o. are combined office, administrative and service activities. 
Our company, by improving the knowledge, skills and expertise of its expert team, is always ready to provide clients with the opportunity to solve various business problem situations.


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